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مصطفي عطية شهيد الإسكندرية الجديد أب لـ : آسر 4 سنوات …وحنين سنتين …وسما سنة واحدة ..الوضع الآن : المباحث والمخبرين تحاصر المشرحة وترفض دخول أهل مصطفي ..وجميع الشهود محتجزين بالقسم ..للسادة الحقوقيين والصحفيين تواصلوا مع محمد عطية إبن أخوه الشهيد هذا رقمه 0120345729


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We Believe In Humanity

You May Need To Check The Whole Story At

:: Mohamed Salah .. tortured By informers in Mansoura ::

:: Mohamed Salah Case Updates ::

Mohamed Salah’s Lawyer Explains Conclusions Of Case till Now

Mohamed Salah’s Mother prevented To Attend Investigations or to See her Son ..

Mohamed Salah’s Mother Threatened By Ministry Of Terrorism ” Aka Ministry Of Interior ”  if She Talked To Anybody ..

A protest Against Brutality Of Police Pigs will take Place Tomorrow In Front  Of The International Hospital Tomorrow .. You May Need To Check The Event On Facebook Here ..

A Protest For Mohamed Salah

All Videos Tubed  .. >> Ahmed Bermawy

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First Video Of  Mohamed Salah’s Mother ..

The Victim Of Egyptian Police Pigs Brutality In Mansoura .. In Front Of  International Hospital After Illegal Prevention Of his Lawyer And his Uncle to Attend Investigations .. And The Clear Collusion By prosecutor Mohamed Abdel Atti

Video is Taken By

Ahmed Bermawy

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Mohamed Salah Case Updates

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Mohamed Salah El-Ghareeb

If you Don’t Know About The case .. Check This Out

From The International Hospital In Mansoura : Investigation started with Mohamed Salah with illegal prevention of His uncle and His lawyer ” Mostafa Salah ” .. under Coverage of the prosecutor ” Mohamed Abdel Atti ” .. Also Different Sorts Of pressures Done On ” Mohamed Salah ” By both Police Pigs And The prosecutor “Abel Atti ” On Mohamed To Change His Words .. Mohamed’s Mother came to hospital and they told her That he is on a Surgical Operation while he was On The Investigation .. Clear Attempts By Both Police Pigs And prosecution To Dismiss The case ..

Clear Collusion By prosecution ” Aka Prostitution ” with Police Pigs ..Sympathy Is Needed .. Spread The word

For All Who Cares About Justice and Humanity

Your Voice Will be Up

Say No For Emergency Law

Most Of Updates Brought Via “Twitter Accounts ” @mar3e  , @drnemovet ” Thanks Alot ..  Long Life Humanity ..  Long Life Egypt

Photograph Above From Youm7 Website ..

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